My New Sparring Partner

I fought the good fight this May. I finished. But Blue Nose kicked my butt. I can still remember the fear in friend’s faces afterwards. Apparently I was pale as a ghost. Just not any ghost. But a real pale ghost. Color eventually returned after rest and some bananas and anything else I could get my hands on to consume.

I had met my goal of crossing the finish line. My other goals would not be realized. Among them the desire to cross the finish line not looking like an extra in the walking dead. I wanted to cross feeling strong. Well as strong as someone can feel after a marathon. And relative to my training I was disappointed in my finish time.

I’ve analyzed, ruminated, speculated on what went wrong that day. I knew before the gun I was in trouble. Before I went one step my heart rate was too elevated. It was at least 10 bpm were it should be. Race anxiety? Over training? Was my body fighting a flu? I hadn’t  been feeling well the last few days prior. And there was the 32k training run on only two or three hours sleep. I never did feel energetic after that run.

During the run I felt like Rocky. In the original Rocky.  Getting clobbered repeatedly, and refusing to quit. And just like Rocky, finishing was a victory. And I definitely want a rematch. I want more than a rematch. I want revenge. I don’t want to finish Blue Nose. I want to humiliate it.

There won’t be a rematch in 2016. The Blue Nose route will be changed due to work being done on the bridge. It’s taking a break. No doubt in my mind this break is being partially motivated by fear of me. You can’t duck me ever Blue Nose.

I need a capable sparring partner. Word on the street there’s a pretty tough kid south of the border named Sugarloaf Don’t be fooled by the silly name. Apparently this kid has speed and one daunting mountain to go up. Then it’s a brutal punishment on the way down to the finish.  Sounds like just what the legs need to prepare for the ultimate rematch with Blue Nose in 2017.

Sugarloaf give me your best, I will give you mine. And I’m bringing a crew. We will see if you’re rumor or a real legend.  And did be cocky kid, I’m bringing some class heat to pound your 15K race.

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